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GrowSponsor works with quality product suppliers in the horticulture and home grow space. Find out what GrowSponsor can do for your brand!

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Across many industries, social media and influencers are recognized as among the most powerful marketing tools. Customers learn about your products in a viral way and develop positive brand impressions. Brands gain visibility and customers learn about products from trusted sources.

The power of influencer marketing is particularly strong in the horticulture and home grow markets. Growers often have trouble getting reliable advice because of the nature of the market. Many growers turn to social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to learn about what they need and what works best. Having social media influencers use and recommend your products is an incredibly powerful marketing strategy in this space.

Some brands work to recruit their own social media influencers. However, identifying, recruiting, and managing top influencers requires significant time and effort. If you partner with GrowSponsor, we offer immediate access to some of the best influencers in the industry and we will manage all aspects of your influencer program

What GrowSponsor does

When we partner with your brand, we will meet to discuss your goals. We consider your products, how they are positioned in the market, and the best types of influencers for your brand. We will discuss goals for recruitment and sales and agree to a marketing plan.

Once we have an agreement, we will offer sponsorships to current GrowSponsor members who are eligible, and we will immediately begin recruiting new influencers for your brand.

We create contracts with the influencers who will support your brand. Our contracts require influencers to agree to a number or frequency of social media posts or content. We offer training and guidance to our influencers so that they produce consistent high-quality content and achieve high sales conversions.

GrowSponsor will monitor and enforce the influencer contracts. We motivate influencers to complete their contracts with rewards and sanctions. We also act as liaison and handle all influencer questions and issues that arise.

At GrowSponsor, we know how influencer marketing works and we will make it work for you!

How GrowSponsor works

We will tailor a contract that works well for your brand and sales channels. Many of our Sponsor contracts are based on an affiliate sales model.

The Affiliate Sales Model:

  1. Your company will send sample equipment to our influencers for review.
  2. Our Influencers will promote discount codes for your equipment to their audiences. These codes will be used to both promote and track sales.
  3. Your company will pay a commission on the referred sales.

The Affiliate sales model is preferred for brands that primarily do direct sales. If your brand has distribution primarily through brick and mortar retailers or online resellers, we can develop a custom model for your contract.

Let’s discuss how GrowSponsor can help grow your brand with influencer marketing!