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About Me

Welcome Cannabis Cousins! Come along with Cousin Nikolai, as he learns how to grow Cannabis like the Pros. That is right, #cannabiscousins...your Cousin' Nikolai has come from "Old Country" to build YouTube Studio and film "Behind Scenes" for his Cousin's Photography and Video Production Company, working in the "Legal", Medical, and Recreational, Cannabis Industry, here in Michigan, USA. Product Reviews, Tips&Tricks No time for Bullshit, straight down to business from Cousin' Nikolai's Roof Top, Professional Greenhouses, Cannabis Events, Cannabis Dispensaries, Hydro Pros Garden Center, and the legendary BDT's Specialty Smoke Shops. Your Cousin Nikolai will bring you latest greatest products, honest reviews, and special give-aways to aid in your knowledge of Cannabis and gardening therapy. Come along on the adventures, as Cousin Nikolai learns all about Cannabis, and how to "Grow Like the Pros". Bye for now!