Growers and Influencers!

Growsponsor works with rising and established social media content creators. Apply for the best sponsorship opportunities in horticulture and home grow!

We always put the Growers First!

At GrowSponsor, we embrace the grower community. We believe that our success is tied to our commitment to the grower community. We work with influencers who share our commitment and with brands that offer high value products which growers need.

Learn about GrowSponsor’s Values

Products that you want to review!

Grow Lights, Tents, Grow Media, Fans, and more! GrowSponsor works with top brands in horticulture and home grow. When we offer GrowSponsor contracts, we discuss the brands and products that you will be reviewing and promoting. Our goal is to match you with products that you are excited to try, review, and recommend. We always encourage honest reviews! If you are unhappy with any product that you review you can simply send it back and have no further obligation.

Earn Commissions!

GrowSponsor contracts offer excellent commissions on referral sales. You will get a personalized discount code to promote. GrowSponsor discount codes offer customers the best deals that are available! When your code is used to make a purchase, you will earn a commission! Commissions are tracked through the GrowSponsor portal and payments are made monthly.

What GrowSponsor Offers

As a GrowSponsor member you will be our partner. We will arrange sponsorship opportunities for you across multiple brands and product categories. We have exclusive contracts with our brand sponsors which ensure that we offer the best commissions and customer discounts available. Most of our brand partners only offer sponsorship opportunities through GrowSponsor.

GrowSponsor works for you, but you never pay a fee. We earn our commission directly from the brand sponsors. You keep 100% of the commissions that you earn!

Your success is our success! We will do everything that we can to support your growth as a Grower/Influencer. We offer resources, training, and advice to help grow your online presence and hone your influencer skills. GrowSponsor and your brand sponsors will promote and engage with your content to help you reach a broader audience.

What we Ask from Our Members

Our brand sponsors are looking to raise the visibility of their brand and products. GrowSponsor contracts may stipulate the number or frequency of posts that we expect you to make, but we never tell you what to say.

We believe in honest influence. We will pair you with sponsors and products that you are happy to recommend. We will never ask you to endorse a brand or a product that you feel is not good quality or a good deal.

Each influencer has a unique relationship with their audience. When we set up GrowSponsor contracts, we try to work in harmony with what you already do. We will discuss your relationship with your audience on different platforms and create an individual contract that suits you. When we discuss your contracts, we will talk about the number or frequency of posts that you are comfortable making. You get to set the terms and we will match you with the best opportunities.

Are You Eligible for GrowSponsor?

If you have an online following, you may be eligible for a GrowSponsor contract. Although a large following helps, we will consider grower/influencers who have as few as 2,000 followers. For all influencers, we look at more than the number of followers or subscribers. We look at what you do and how you interact with your audience. If you are a grower/influencer who loves to make content and you have credibility with your following, we would love to discuss sponsoring you!