About Us

GrowSponsor is an influencer marketing agency specializing in Horticulture and Home Grow. We match social media influencers (“Growers”) with quality horticultural brands (“Sponsors”) for product reviews and demonstrations. 

Our Mission

To be the premier influencer marketing company in the horticulture and home grow space by focusing on the needs of growers, partnering with quality brands, and embracing the power of honest influence.

Our Values

Growers come first

GrowSponsor was founded by Dr MJ Coco, a long-time home grower, advocate, and author. Dr Coco has written numerous guides on growing cannabis and started the website CocoforCannabis.com. Growers have always been the focus.

At GrowSponsor, we embrace the grower community. We believe that our success is tied to our commitment to the growing community. We work with influencers who share our commitment and with brands that offer high-value products that growers need.

Honest Influence

We believe in the power of honest influence. Influencer marketing works best when influencers have credibility with their audience. At GrowSponsor, credibility is an asset that we invest and nurture rather than exploit and jeopardize.

We work with brands and influencers who are proud to be honest and upfront with their customers and audiences. We carefully vet influencers and match them with brands and products that they are excited to promote. As a rule, we always encourage honest product reviews. We will never ask influencers to endorse or promote a product which they do not feel is a good deal for their audience.

Quality and Value

In order to put the growers first and succeed with honest influence, we only partner with brands whose products offer quality and value. We pre-screen products and carefully vet the suppliers. We consider build quality, suitability, efficiency, competitive products, and customer price before agreeing to promote a brand or product line. We also give each influencer their own screening period to ensure that each product lives up to their individual standards.

In addition to being high quality, the brands and products that we work with must be good values. They must be competitively priced on the market and our influencers must be able to offer an additional discount. We make arrangements with our brand partners to ensure that the discounts that our influencers offer are the best deal available.

What Can GrowSponsor Do For You?


We are looking for growers to sponsor! As a GrowSponsor member, you’ll get great free equipment and earn commissions on sales. Whether you have one thousand or one million followers, you may qualify for GrowSponsor!


In the horticulture and home grow space, influencer marketing is the best way to build brand awareness and reach new customers. If you have quality products that need exposure, we have a network of influencers who are eager to help.